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So many people have died this year that it isn't even funny.  2016 just had to go and add one more to the list.  Van Williams, the Green Hornet from the 60s and the first superhero I was a fan of, has died.
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I'm so sad.  It looks like none of the Hetalia Secret Santas are running this year.  Bah, I don't want the stress of running another exchange but on the other hand I really want to get a chance of getting some Hetalia fic.
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The Power Rangers teaser trailer is finally here.  It looks pretty promising.  I hope there are lots of f/f writers when the move comes out!


Aug. 30th, 2016 02:51 am
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My father posted this to my facebook page.

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I want a plushie so badly.  I only have a single wombat plushie but one like that would be amazing!

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Barbara Gordon/Kara Jor-El

So when Superman and Batman are Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne I'm not that into shipping them, but apparently switching them out and I'm really into the idea of it.  You can set this a few years after the comic if you want Barbara out of school if you want to.  What would be the complications of Power Girl, a hero who is public with her identity, and Batgirl, who is secret with hers, dating each other.  Or, you can take advantage of the universal reset that happened in the comic and give Kara a secret identity.  I do think it is interesting that she is public with Kara is public with her identity, but I'm kind of sad I never got to see the journey of becoming a hero and when she chose to go public with it.  With Barbara, in this continuity, her father finds out that she is Batgirl, while he is the one using a wheelchair.  I could see him not being happy about her being involved with Kara due to not wanting her to being involved in superheroics.

-Barbara crashing at Kara's place
-Dealing with another member of the Super or Bat family of characters that isn't already in Ame-Comi Girls
-Badguy creates a clone child of the two of them
-Their lives after the reboot
-Adapting a plot from the normal comics
-Argument born from worry
-Body switching
-Cleaning up the mess of the Teen Hellions
-Batgirl saves Power Girl
-Getting together
-First kiss

Note: If you want to avoid confusion between the two Karas I'm okay with you using some of their other aliases.

Jade Yifei/Kara Zor-El

I really liked Kara's line about being glad they weren't going to die alone even if they are strangers.  I feel that is especially meaningful for these two.  Kara is still new to Earth.  She only had a short amount of time before Brainiac corrupted her and had only recently been turned back to normal.  She really hasn't had time to make bonds with anyone but her cousin.  Jade has only recently met the other girls and she is in conflict with the Chinese government.  There really wasn't much time between meeting the others and the universal reset, but I'd love to see a relationship built up.

-Going to rescue the other
-Jade showing something from Earth to Kara
-Encountering a Lantern of a different color
-Average superhero day
-Kara gains a civilian identity on Earth
-Listening to music together
-Kara having to learn to trust Jade when she is doing stuff like rock climbing

Barbara Gordon/Zatanna Zatara (Ame-Comi) or Kara Jor-El/Zatanna Zatara (Ame-Comi)

I combined these two ships together into one heading because a lot of what I have to say about one applies to the other as well.  Zatanna was part of the Ame-Comi lines of statues and even made it into Infinite Crisis.  However she did not make it into the comic book before it rather abruptly ended.  In the final few issues they were recruiting for the Justice League, which was sadly established off page.  So how about Zatanna's recruitment.  Would she be a regular member or would there be something like the Justice League Dark?

-Kara attends one of Zatanna's magic shows
-Justice League is attacked by another magic user
-Zatanna transfers to the same school as Barbara and Carrie
-Zatanna saves Batgirl or PG
-Zatanna is implicated in a crime
-Using real magic around a girlfriend who thinks it is stage magic
DCU (Comics)
Fanfic or Fanart

Amy Winston/Kara Zor-El (Comics)

I'm probably the only person in the exchange that started with the New 52.  I really don't know anything before that.  I was really upset with how abruptly Amethyst was finished.  It felt like it had a lot more to tell and then it was suddenly over.  While Ame-Comi Girls got me interested in comic books in general and got me interested in Power Girl it was this that got me interested in Supergirl.  I like both girls.  I really want Kara to just have some happiness.  Everything always seemed to go from bad to worse for her.  Maybe a nice adventure in Gemworld and finding love with a princess would be nice.

-Kara is accidentally transported to Gem World
-Kara has a bad run in with a magic wielding villain
-Amy chases a badguy back to Earth and encounters Kara
-Collaborating against a villain neither can defeat alone
-Some type of red and blue make purple thing?
-First time
-Worrying about who will take the throne after Amy if she stays together with Kara
-Attempting to make pizza together
-Amy arrives on Earth in a way that is awkward for Kara

Hetalia: Axis Powers
Fanfic or Fanart
Female America/Belarus

Wow, it is oddly hard to find art of this ship.  I could only find a handful of pictures.  I like the contrast between their personalities.  I also like to compare and contrast their relationships with England and Russia.  I understand why the mangaka made her obsessed with Russia, considering modern politics, but I'm not comfortable with the ship for historical reasons.  It's okay to deal with it enough to acknowledge it and move on, but I would prefer it not to be a focus.  I like both nation and non-nation fics.  In general if you decide you want to go really dark or want to make a character evil I'd prefer it to be non-nation.

-Something related to Wonderland
-Wild West like setting with elements of fantasy, the occult, or steampunk
-Something mundane or silly being treated way too seriously
-Belarus as a witch and America as a gunslinger
-Madoka Magica AU
-Date night with horror somehow involved
-Tastes in books

Female America/Taiwan

While I know the history and relationship between China and Taiwan can be complicated, I don't want something that depicts her as a part of China.  I'd also prefer not to have something involving the Olympics.  I like the positive attitudes of both America and Taiwan. I can see the two of them being totally geeky together and having a blast.  I'd love to see them attend a convention together.

-Fantasy adventurer AU
-Becoming friends online
-Falling in love with someone half way around the world
-First meetings
-Developing a game together
-Something involving cats or coyotes
-Taiwan wants America to switch from contacts to glasses

Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magika | Puella Magi Madoka Magica
Fanfic or Fanart

Akemi Homura/Tomoe Mami


I have shipped these two together for the longest time.  I've shipped it since about the second episode of the anime first aired.  There is the obvious reason that the characters appeal to me both based on personality and on aesthetics.  There is also how they both are two of the most lonely and self disparaging characters in the series.  I do personally love Rebellion and I do think Homura's actions in it were in character.  I understand why others don't like it, so you can disregard it if you want to.  I've also seen the concept trailer.  I love Mami's appearance in it, how prominent she is in the promo art with Homura and Madoka, and how she is described as being like a war god.

So, regarding the elephant in the room, I'm not a fan of Homura/Madoka.  I do think Homura loves her, but I also think that she would have done the same things whether or not it was a romantic or platonic love.  However, I interpret Madoka's feelings toward Homura as nothing but platonic love.  I'm also bothered by how often the conversation boils down to how much Homura "deserves" Madoka.  I also just don't think it would be a healthy relationship after everything that has happened.  I can really only see a happy and healthy Homura/Madoka set before Homura even contracted.  Short version: I'd prefer not to get romantic Homura/Madoka.

-Homura never regained her memories in the post-series world
-Mami and Homura teaming up against something
-A different magical girl setting.  For example: Tokyo Mew Mew, Daybreak Illusion, Winx Club, an original one
-An AU with Victorian, occult, and steampunk elements
-If Mami had been the only one to save Homura
-Role reversal
-Fairy tales
-Mami, Homura, and Kyouko as a magical girl team
-Kyubey decides to use them to create the ultimate magical girl.  Maybe to fight something threatening his homeworld.
-Taken for research
-Not wanting to be alone anymore
-Moving on from tragedy
-The characters as adults
-If Homura, Mami and Madoka had successfully stopped Walpurgisnacht together and there were no more time loops
Fanfic or Fanart
Apple White (EAH)/Jinafire Long (MH)

Apple is an intelligent princess, aspiring to be a great queen, that is both stubborn and cares deeply for her friends.  Jinafire is an artistic fire breathing dragon, calm and collected.  I love fairy tale tropes and absolutely love the idea of the classic princess getting together with a dragon.  They could meet from Cupid, Astranova or Giles Grimm.  You can include any side ships that you want.

My one issue is that I don't like the term "normie" in Monster High. 

-Jinafire is able to take a full dragon form in the EAH verse
-What type of monster would Apple become in MH
-Apple finally wearing her glasses in public
-Banished by a curse
-A new fairy tale
-Both worlds are threatened
-Online dating
-Fantasy AU
-Apple is a dragonrider.  Go anywhere you want with that.

Barbara Gordon (DC comics)/Robyn Locksley (Grimm Fairy Tales)

For Barbara I have mostly read comics of her set during the New 52.  The only one I have read from before it is Batgirl Year One and
The Million Dollar Debut of Batgirl.  For Robyn I have just read the Robyn Hood trade paperback and haven't yet read her later appearances.  I am an overall fan of Grimm Fairy Tales but I'm trying to read the whole thing. 

Robyn's original comic ends with her robbing a bank an giving the money to the poor.  A really easy way to do the crossover would be to have Batgirl go after her.  Or maybe they both notice a crime in progress and both step in to try and stop it.

-Barbara never intended to copy Bruce in dating a criminal with a good heart
-Barbara thought Robyn was a Green Arrow fangirl.  She never thought she was the real Robin Hood.
-Fairy tales aren't the only stories that are real in the Grimmverse
-Vacation gone wrong leads to love
-Teasing conversation on costumes and practicality
-Robyn finds out her girlfriend is Batgirl
-Barbara is a vampire in the Grimmverse

Bloom (Winx Club)/Talia (LoliRock)

I really like these two characters.  I think they could be an interesting couple and each could be a valuable ally to the other.  I don't care what season you pull Bloom from.  I am not familiar with the 4kids English dub but I am familiar with the other dubs.  The only think I ask is that you don't make Mike and Vanessa less important than Miriam and Oritel to Bloom.  I've always loved the bond between Bloom, Mike and Vanessa and I hate how it is sometimes treated as less important.  You can include whatever other ships you want.

-Talia and Aurianna find Bloom when looking for Iris
-What if instead of being taken to a magical school Bloom was sold on the magical black market
-Diplomatic relations between Xeris and Domino
-Arranged marriage with magical fpreg
-Badguys have taken over everything and only a few people are left to fight (feel free to cross this over with more fandoms)
-Comparing and contrasting magic
-A relic from Domino was left with the royal family of Xeris
-Fire and crystal

Kara Jor-El (Ame-Comi)/Cadence Lark (Furious)

I love Furious.  I bought it in individual comics, trade, and then again which I had the creator autograph.  I'd really love to see Cadence recruited into the Justice League.  She's worked hard to rebuild herself and become a hero in the few issues that she had.  I'd like to see her find people that can share her burden, that can love and support her.  The Ame-Comi version of Power Girl seems perfect for that role.

-Kara had been a fan of Cadence while growing up
-Someone screws up and has to make it right
-Dating before discovering that Cadence is Furia
-First time off Earth together
-Meeting at a formal event
-Dealing with something that didn't end well
-Cuddling in bed

Lightning (FF XIII Series)/Yuna (FF X & X-2)
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Well, it was my birthday.  It's technically after midnight.

It wasn't a bad day.  Lots of delicious pastries.  My birthday dinner got really screwed up to the point that everyone decided it doesn't count. 

I got a few cool presents.  Mom got me a Wonder Woman funko (B v S version), Lego Avengers for PS4, but the coolest was that she got me a Sailor V S.H.Figurearts.  I was just so happy that she remembered that the Sailor V version of Minako is one of my favorite form of any Sailor Senshi.  Of course it means that now I'm going to have to start looking at getting other figurearts now.
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scue Power Girl from certain death and have it as a rescue romance? 

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I'm pretty easy to please. I am open to any style of art. When it comes to fic I am open to anything that isn't one of my do not wants. You can include any characters or side ships other than ones I ask specifically not to receive. Dubcon is alright as is character death. Feel free to use darker themes if you want. Alternate universes and fusions are also great! I also really enjoy things where the ship is there but it isn't the focus for the characters.

Do Not Wants
-Focus on M/M
-Character Bashing
-Issue Fic

I have requested fic & art for all canons. Crossovers is at the end.

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I have a rule that I never renominate a song if someone has written a fic for it in a round of Jukebox.  This year I had two songs written about so I need two new songs.  Well, I think I found one.  Nana never disappoints.
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It's out! The first episode of Gakkou Gurashi is out!  I think the first episode might even be better than the first chapter.  I recommend to everyone to watch the first episode without reading anything about the series.
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I'm so sorry! There are so many exchanges right now all in sign ups and I joined Fic Corner at the last minute so I haven't finished my letter.  I promise it will be done by the end of Friday.

I like any genre of fic.  I would enjoy any type of fic except for M/M (background M/M is fine).  Go as light or as dark, as canon or as AU, as you want.  I'm not picky for this exchange.

I don't have much to say and if you have questions ask the mod to contact me.

Ever After High Series - Shanon Hale
Apple, Cerise, Duchess

I ship any combo of these three, plus Apple/Raven, Daring/any female character, Apple/any female but Briar.  I also love friendship fic between any combination of characters.  You don't have to use all three characters.  I'd like something playing with fairy tales and blending them together.  Something dark would also be really fun.

Magical Girl of the End | Magical Girl Apocalypse
Any character
I read the American release of it, so I don't know what has happened in the manga after where the English release currently is at.  I would really enjoy anything you want to write in this universe.  I love all the characters that are nominated.

Mahou Shoujo Site
Any character
This one I am reading scanlations of.  I would enjoy anything with this.  I love the relationship between the main characters if you want to focus on something specific.

Hetalia: Axis Powers
Female America, Belarus, Taiwan
So as long as it isn't Belarus/her siblings or Taiwan/another Asian nation it is fine.  I do ship any combo of the requested characters.  A fun AU or something about a piece of historical trivia would be really fun.

The School of Good and Evil
Any Character
I love both nominated characters.  The first book was absolutely perfect.  The second broke my heart in the character department and annoyed me in a lot of other ways.  I do plan to get the third book when it comes out in and how it goes will change how I view the series as a whole.  I prefer Agatha/Sophie.  I have mixed feelings on Tedros.  On the one hand I didn't like him at all in the first book but his interactions with Sophie in the second made me feel sympathetic towards him.
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[community profile] press_start_comm 
There is an exchange for video game fanfic.  It is currently in nominations.  Still undecided on all of my noms.


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