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I’m a pretty easy to please recipient.  I don’t care what perspective you use or what tense.  If you want to go with something experimental then that is fine.  Any rating is fine.  I’m fine with violence, sex, and character death (as long as you don’t go needlessly cruel and over the top with it).  I love dubcon.  Rape and noncon I’m a bit iffier on but if you feel it will work with your idea then go with it.  You can include whatever additional characters you want.  As long as it isn’t a DNW ship you can include whatever secondary, side or background ships you desire. 

When it comes to Rule 63 you can switch any of the requested male characters to female, but not female to male.  I love crossovers, AUs, and fusions.  The only type of AU I don’t want is an entirely mundane one.  Characters just running a bakery is a no.  Characters running a bakery and using it as a front to distribute potions is fine. 

A few of my general loves: snow, winter, fairy tales, antique firearms, coyotes, costumes, the occult

I’ve been craving something a bit dark lately.  I’m not sure how to phrase it.  I don’t want gritty darkness, everyone dies, all hope is lost.  I know these are really random examples but kind of the feel of Madoka Magica, Dracula, Batman (1989), Batman: The Animated Series, Shadow Hearts, or Darkest Dungeon. If you don’t want to go dark then that is fine.  I’d still really love and enjoy anything on the light vs dark spectrum.   It's like lemon cake and pumpkin cake.  I really, really, love both, but sometimes I have a little preference for one over the other.

If you are an artist then I can’t imagine anything in terms of style or art that I’d dislike.  I really love scenes involving snow.  I also really love seeing characters in formal clothing.

Atelier of Dusk Trilogy
Fanfic or Fanart
DNW: Linca/Marion

Escha Malier/Awin Sidelet

I'm normally not a big fan of incest, but I ship these two despite being cousins.  I just love how sweet they are.  They can be so supportive of each other.  I love that Awin can get totally carried away and that Escha tries to get him to stop.  For me the incest isn't a bug or a feature.  You can play it up, play it down, or do neither of those things.  I wouldn't want something that is a total angst fest about being cousins, but a little angst could be fun.  I have a few optional prompts that you can take or leave:

-Stranded after an airship crash
-Celebrating a birthday or a holiday
-Escha discovering/realizing her feelings

I do know that this pairing is in no way canon.  I'm completely okay with Escha/Logy being the canon ship of the game.  It's actually my second favorite ship for Escha.  So even though this request is for Escha/Awin I don't want Logy to be demonized.

Linca/Awin Sidelet

I feel that in terms of relationships that Linca is a very innocent and naive character.  Awin is one of those characters that I can see that wouldn't try to rush her into something until she is ready for it.  They both can get tunnel vision and focus on something too much.  While Awin isn't a warrior like Linca, he can hold his own in battle.  While I am thinking of the eighth Linca, the one playable in Atelier Ayesha and Atelier Escha & Logy, you can use one of the other Lincas if you so desire.

-Developing relationship in the background events of the game
-Linca making her best attempt at asking him out
-Awin goes really overboard in fixing/making something for Linca
-Trapped together
-Sent on a mission to a dangerous place to locate and repair something

Code: Realize
Fanfic or Fanart

Abraham Van Helsing/Cardia Beckford

This game holds a special place in my heart.  I saw it nominated in an exchange I was running.  I looked it up to confirm the characters and I got really interested in it.  I picked up a copy for my VITA and I fell in love with this game.  I had always thought that Otome protagonists were bland self-inserts.  Cardia proved me wrong.  She has a character and a will of her own.  She's a brave young lady that might not always have the skills to rescue herself but she tries.  She learns the skills she needs to help the group.  I loved that as Van Helsing's route progressed that she refused to back down to even him.  I'm also a big fan of the book Dracula so that helped make this route particularly appealing.  I have a few prompts you can take or leave.

-Cardia being cured of her poison
-Another adventure unconnected to the events of the game
-Some type of AU.  I'm particularly interested in ones in a fantasy setting, involves more traditional vampires, something related to the occult, or based on fairy tales
-The first time Cardia and Abraham touch
-Celebrating a holiday together
-Female Van Helsing AU?

I do like all of the guys.  So please don't demonize any of them.  If going for a more ensemble piece I'd love to see more public domain fictional characters, especially female ones.

Fate/stay night &  Related Fandoms

Fanfic or Fanart

Arturia Pendragon | Saber/Sayjou Ayaka

 I have enjoyed playing the Fate/stay night visual novel.  I don't dislike Shirou, but I definitely would have preferred if Ayaka had been retained as the main character.  I don't care if you want to go closer to Fate/prototype or Fate/stay night.  Or go ahead and do something completely different and original.  I'd love to see how this combo would interact with other master and servant combos.

-Something the compares and contrasts Saber's relationships with Guinevere and Ayaka
-Realization of love
-First date
-Something where they are from different realities but are forced together
-Any type of AU that would fit in the Nasuverse

Saber (Fate/Prototype)/Sayjou Ayaka

What can I say?  I really like the knightly types.  I was really charmed by their interactions in Fate/prototype.  I'd love to see how the Fate/prototype version of Saber's route could have gone if it had been a visual novel.  While I don't need a happy ending, a bittersweet one is fine, I don't want a horribly depressing one for this ship. 

-If they had been characters in Fate/stay night
-Happiness post Grail War
-Any type of AU that would fit in the Nasuverse
-something involving birds


Hetalia: Axis Powers
Fanfic or Fanart
DNW: Belarus/Russia, Belarus/Germany, Belarus/Prussia, Asian Nation/Asian Nation, 2P


I know I have listed Belarus/Russia as a DNW.  It is alright to include enough just to have it dealt with and then move on, but I don't want it as the focus.  One of the things that most interests me with these two is comparing and contrasting their relationships with their respective "older brother" figure.  I also find it interesting that the physical age for both is listed at 19.  I like both nation fic and human AU.  I have some prompts that you can take or leave as you will.

-How would their relationship change things either in terms of international politics or within Belarus itself?
-Something steampunkish with the occult
-American Revolution with Belarus in the role of Tadeusz Kościuszko
-Dark fantasy setting
-Alice in Wonderland


Like America/Belarus, I'm also interested in the relationships with England and China.  They are two very outgoing and bright characters.  For two nations with so much history together they really don't interact with each other much in canon.  I can see these two having fun doing geeky stuff together.  

-Taiwan plans matching cosplays for the two of them
-Lighter fantasy based on Stardew Valley
-Taiwan as an alchemist and America as a gunslinger
-Non-nation AU with step-sibling incest
-Magical girl AU
-Taiwan and America seeing each other in secret with help from Japan
-Taiwan as a pirate

Fanfic or Fanart

Barbara Gordon (Batman (1966))/Britt Reid (Green Hornet (1966))

So I picked the 60s versions of the characters because their respective shows have crossed over even if it was before Barbara was introduced.  Since Batman never figured out either of their identities it would be really fun seeing the two work together or more.  Even better if Barbara and Britt figured out each other's identities.  Considering that they both get themselves involved even in their civilian identities I don't see it very hard for the two of them to meet.  You can feel free to bring in other comic book characters that didn't appear in their respective shows.  I love Kato and if you want to add a ship with him and another character, of either gender, that is great.

-Teaming up when Batman and Robin are out of the picture
-Meeting at a charity event
-Captured by the badguys
-More and more unlikely of meetings as they both investigate the same crime

Trini Kwan (Power Rangers)/Peter Maximoff (X-Men Alternate Timeline)

So, I don't care how you get this to work.  I don't care if you decide to have an age difference or not.  You can have a Trini that is native to the X-Men universe, a Peter native to the Power Rangers one, a fusion, crossover, timewarp, complete AU, I don't care how you do it.  Since Trini was an activist in Power Rangers I can see her supporting mutant rights even if she isn't one.  I also just think their personalities would work well together and it could be a really cute romance.

-First meeting
-Date night turning into fight against villains/monsters night
-Peter gives her a doll for her collection

Fujiwara Zakuro (Tokyo Mew Mew)/Peter Maximoff (X-Men Alternate Timeline)

So like the other one I don't care if there is an age difference or not.  You can do this anyway you desire, proper crossover, fusion, AU, etc.  I admit that I really do like the idea of Zakuro being a mutant.  I mean the Mews are a similar concept to Spider-Man and all.  Plus, they are both characters I really want to ship with someone but really don't ship them with anyone in their respective canons.  I can see this being a bit amusing too.

-Mews as mutants
-Zakuro's mutation becomes apparent on the catwalk
-On opposite sides of a conflict (could end up on the same side)
-New members of the X-Men

Okay, I admit those aren't the most inspiring of prompts.  I am just kind of blanking on them.

Lightning (FF XIII Series)/Yuna (FF X & X-2)

This is my favorite Final Fantasy crossover ship.  I just love these two girls.  They are both strong but in very different ways.  They both are orphans and both have lost someone dear to them.  I also really love the whole magically changing clothing thing.  I just don't see Yuna/Tidus as a relationship that would last for very long.  However, I can see them remaining friends.  Feel free to ship Tidus with anyone you want to, male or female.

-What if Cocoon was over Spira?
-fusion Final Fantasy setting
-Trapped together
-Lightning as one of Yuna's guardians
-Saving one another


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