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So, Sailor Moon Crystal aired.

Personally, I find it mediocre. The new animation style for Usagi does lend itself to some pretty, model looking pictures of the girls when it isn't looking horribly off model.  Everyone is blonde now.  Haruna is blonde. Shingo is blonde. Both Princess and Queen Serenity are blonde. 

I did love the opening sequence and a few things in it were very reminiscent of Pretty Cure in a good way.  I am so glad they changed the theme song.  I love Momoiro Clover Z but Moonlight Densetsu is not the type of song that fits their talents. Moon Pride, on the other hand, is perfect for their strengths.

I enjoyed the music, but I was expecting that as it is my favorite composer from Pretty Cure.

It was an almost 1:1 adaptation of the manga.  There were a few new scenes thrown in but it was pretty much all familiar territory.  Overall, the live action Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon is still my favorite version of the first episode as it hit everything it needed to while still doing some things originally.  I really hope there will be more expansion later as the manga really isn't that good.  It is very repetitive and formulaic in the construction of each arc and most characters don't get much development.

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So, I finally got to watch Attack on Titan. It was a title I was aware of and wanted to see before it came out (then again back then I thought it involved an attack on the moon Titan). I watched the first two episodes a long time ago but found the art so unsettling that I never watched past them. The person I was watching with, who LOVES gorey anime, refused to watch anymore. Finally, after getting another friend to hold my hand through episode three, I decided to push my way through. I really enjoyed it. I think I am going to have to read the manga, though I am looking forward to a second season if one is ever made.

My favorite characters were Annie, Jean, Sasha and Zoe.

It needs a Power Ranger AU.
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The winter anime season has finally started. This will be an unusually busy season for me. I am continuing Kill la Kill from the fall season. This season will be the Doki Doki Precure -> Happiness Charge Precure hand off.

As for new shows I have three that I am watching.

Sakura Trick
Best way to describe it is to just watch the opening. It is fluffy and adorable.

The reincarnations of Oda Nobunaga, Jack the Ripper, Gandhi and Isaac Newton fighting monsters. I really enjoyed the aesthetic of this and I like the main character so far.

Space Dandy
He's a dandy guy... IN SPACE! The English and Japanese vocals are both being worked on at the same time.
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So, I have decided to try Super Sentai again. It didn't go too well when I tried Shinkenger and Gokaiger. Rather than go with current, I have decided to go old school and try Maskman. It is completely subbed and as it is before Power Rangers I hope to not have the problems I have with newer Super Sentai.

[personal profile] bonnefois got me to try Yami to Boushi to Hon no Tabibito.  I really enjoyed it, but I ended with more and more questions the more I thought about it.  I think I'm going to cosplay Hazuki at Tekko, I liked it so much.  It was a short thirteen episode series, so a nice easy watch.  I actually didn't have any problems with the ending either.


Mar. 3rd, 2013 11:03 pm
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Let's see...

-Vividred Operation is almost over.  I will be sad to see it go.

-I have been considering watching Fairy Tail.  It has interested me for a bit.  Anyone else see it?

-Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory release has been pushed back :C

-Atelier Ayesha comes out in a few days, can I afford to order it?

-Oh man, the interaction between Gia and Emma in Power Rangers Megaforce was AWESOME this week.


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