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                AO3 for running exchanges can be a very useful tool, but like any tool you need to know how to use it and it is not a perfect tool.  I love exchanges, but honestly I am a VERY lazy person.  I hate matching, I hate having to manually post everyone’s fics and most of all I hate people losing the links to the exchange and not being able to post.  These are the reasons why I opt to use AO3 for my exchanges.

This faq will take you through the steps of setting up and running an exchange on the technical side of things.  This will assume an exchange with a nomination phase in it and that you already know how to participate in an exchange as a normal participant.

 This guide is not perfect and I encourage you to ask questions and point out confusing parts so that I can fix them.  I am not an expert in exchanges, but I have run a few of them.  If you are running an exchange and are having issues then please feel free to comment here or PM me to ask for help.  I am always willing to help.

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 I hope part one was helpful.  Part 2 will be about setting up the collection for your exchange.


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