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So, I have finally decided what to take the plunge on with Western comics.  I chose Ame Comi Girls as it has female lead characters and doesn't require knowledge of the whole kit and kaboodle of DC.  I bought the specials plus the first five regular issues.  I read them all in one sitting.  I really like it for the most part.  I really only have two dislikes.  The first is that the costumes are a bit too fanservicy. I do understand though that their hands are tied there as the costumes were based on existing merchandise.  The other was that didn't like how Jimmy Olsen apparently does everything.  Which is funny, because I really liked him up until Kara went on and on about all the things he does.  While I love having so many heroines and villainesses, I find them not having any male heroes or villains makes their absence conspicuous.  I kinda hope they will eventually do a few token males or even have guys being distaff counterparts to the girls.

I do have a few things I want to know: Does Batgirl and Robin return to crime fighting? So would Power Girl has been Kara Kent growing up?  Is she still called that?  Why no secret identities at all? Won't it get confusing with two Kara's?  Does Power Girl have a different human name in addition to Kara?

So far my favorite characters are Power Girl, Batgirl and Duela Dent.

Any recs for similiar comics I should try?


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