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Placeholder!  Letter will be up soon!
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I am so excited for the crossover exchange!  It is in the nomination stage.  Unlike most exchanges only the 100 or so most nominated fandoms will be accepted. 

[community profile] crossovering 
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 AO3 Name: VampirePaladin


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Hello writer,

I hope I am not a difficult assignment. I have way more likes than dislikes. While I have some prompts, those are just ideas and if you have a completely different idea than go for it.

I love cross-overs, fusions, alternate universes and canon divergence. I also like canon compliant, pre-canon, post-canon, missing scenes. Fluff, action, drama, tragedy, comedy are also great. I am fine with the tamest of fluff up to sex scenes, but I would prefer it not be a PWP. I also love stories where the focus is not on the ship, but on something and the characters just happen to be a couple during it. I am fine with darkness, non-con, dub-con and character death. I also have a weird desire to see fic involving one of the characters being pregnant, doesn’t matter how. Apocalypses, zombies, the world being ruled by demons are also great fun.

Cut for length )
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So, the great experiment is starting. Is it possible to run an exchange where people are matched on tags rather than characters or ships. If you want to nominate then go here [community profile] tagyourit
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Oh yeah, magical girl exchange. The reboot of my very first exchange. Please check it out [community profile] mgxchange 
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Rare Characters

Rare Characters, a multifandom exchange for rare and underrated characters!

Rules | FAQ | Nominations


Mar. 7th, 2013 11:49 pm
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Weeee! Shipswap is open for signups.  I am kinda surprised about how little Power Ranger nominations there were.  That is always fun to write.
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I ran a magical girl fic/art gift exchange twice. It was the first succesful exchange I ran. I adore it. But, I am wondering if I should run another round of it again or not. On the one hand it was very small, less than twenty participants, but on the other hand I felt there was always quality in the gifts given. But then again I have my shipswap exchange which is much bigger to run and most of the magical girl exchange would end up being Madoka Magica, Utena and Sailor Moon.


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