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Ah, I loved the first episode so much.  There was really no character I disliked.  I did have a kneejerk of disliking the Keeper, but even that opinion changed to neutral bordering positive.  Shelby seems like she'll be a fun pink ranger and Tyler was just plain oozing charm and energy.  Chase, Koda and Kendall were pretty cool too, but they had less screen time. 

I am going to call it now though: when gold shows up he will become a security guard at the museum.
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I am so excited.  I am now willing to forgive Saban for not switching one of the core rangers to female.  Talks of Austin St. John returning? Check.  Great looking cast that doesn't look supermodel good? Check.  Adorable group photos with the Megaforce cast? Check.  New episode of Megaforce out today? Check.

It's a good day to be a Power Rangers fan.
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Wow, I really liked the first episode of Super Megaforce.  The new opening was amazing, the original footage was great and Troy, Emma, and Gia seem to fit the footage better than before.
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I have to say, I am shocked that Saban is skipping Go-Busters in favor of Kyoryuger.  On the one hand I was looking forward to seeing how Go-Busters would have been made into Power Rangers.  On the other hand, Kyoryuger could be easier to switch one of the male Sentai characters to a female Ranger.
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I should not be enjoying Power Rangers Operation Overdrive, one of the most hated seasons, more than Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue, one of the most beloved.  It is just Lightspeed feels so... grey and dull!

Happy 20th birthday today to Power Rangers, the kids show that predicted the destruction of Gallifrey before Doctor Who did.


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