May. 2nd, 2014 08:25 pm
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I discovered Storium from an article on The Mary Sue.  A game that was easier to play across multiple timezones than D&D but was more structured than just free form RPing? Sounds amazing!  It is currently in Beta but you can easily get access to it by donating a minimum of $10 on the Kickstarter, which has six days left.  Alternatively, someone can get a free account by being invited by a member to a game.  I did the Kickstarter option as I don't know anyone that is in the game.

Each game consists of a Narrator and Players.  The Narrator works the same way as a DM.  They set the stage, hand out things and make rulings.  Everything is handled by cards.  Each player starts out with a strength, a weakness and a subplot.  Any of these cards can be played toward the completion of a challenge.  The cards are tallied up and if there is more strength there is a good result, if there is more weakness then it is a bad result and if it is neutral than the Narrator can pick what kind of result it is.  It is really fun so far and I am enjoying all the games I am in.  You can even set a game to private so other people can't read or follow along with it.  The game has nine worlds that are already prebuilt that a Narrator can chose and just modify as they need, a ton more upcoming ones that were funded by the Kickstarter's stretch goals and the ability to make completely custom games.

Free accounts can play in up to three games for free, but they can't be Narrators.  If anyone is interested in checking it out I can make a game to invite you in.  Just give me an email address to use.


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