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I have jokingly referred to 2013 as "Year of the Magical Girl".  There have been so many announced and expected to be released magical girl series, and not all from Japan either. 

The first of 2013's magical girl series is called Vividred Operation.

As you can see by the opening, it is a magical girl series designed for the 16-35 male audience as opposed to the female child audience.  On the one hand it does mean more fanservice shots (though not as much as I thought there would be) but it also means it might traverse territory that others can't.

In the universe humanity has created a system that provides limitless energy, ending conflicts over resources.  The main character, called Akane, lives an impoverished life because her grandfather spends all their money on his research.  However, his research bares fruit when creatures called the Alone attack.  He gives Akane a key that allows her to transform into a red clad magical girl and allows her to save her friend Aoi.  Aoi was returning to the island after receiving treatment for undisclosed medical reasons.  Her plane had gotten caught in the crossfire between the Alone and the Japanese Self Defense Forces.  Soon Aoi joins Akane as a magical girl clad in blue.  Together, with the power of yuri they can merge into Vividblue, a far more powerful form than either of them apart.


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